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Analysis and real time implementation of IOT in autism

Muhammad Javaid Afzal*, Muhammad Waseem Ashraf, Shahzadi Tayyaba, Farah Javaid

The present study comprises the importance and use of IoT, smart home, peer to peer and some other different technologies for the betterment of mankind. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more and more popular in IoT based smart homes and other techs. The IoT framework has been used to provide a predictable, concrete and self-paced learning environment and encourages excellent visual information processing. These techs are also useful for special children in autism. They need smart homes, peer to peer networking, robot therapy and wearable techs.

In this paper, the authors presented a unique FLC simulation for the behavior of a child in moderate autism. This simulation shows that how IoT, smart home, peer to peer technology, ABA therapy, robot therapy and wearable techs can bring comforts in the life of child with autism. All of them have long lasted impacts in producing social skills in an ASD person. The 3D graphical figures presented the graphical analysis of child’s social behavior. Simulation presented 50% betterment change in the social behavior of children and this can be increased up to 87% by using intensive therapies. It is also verified by mamdani’s method. A real time implementation of a boy in autism has shown significant improvements in his social skills.

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