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Approach to diagnosing and treating central sleep apnea in heart failure

Emma Gao

Central Sleep Apnoea (CSA) with Cheyne-Stokes respiration is reported to be more common in people with Heart Failure (HF). The creation of servo-ventilation was intended to alleviate CSA and enhance these patients' Quality Of Life (QoL). In order to test this notion in patients with HF and decreased ejection fraction, a sizable randomised clinical investigation known as SERVE-HF was carried out (HFrEF). According to the trial's findings, assisted breathing in the CSA treatment did not appear to have any positive effects on these patients. More unexpectedly, there was a rise in cardiovascular or all-cause mortality. Due to modifications in the guidelines, this has caused significant changes in clinical practise, with a fall in the frequency of servo-ventilation prescriptions across Europe, including Portugal.

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