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Bilateral malrotated kidney with major venous variant: a cadaver case report

Joe IWANAGA, Koichi WATANABE, Tsuyoshi SAGA, Koh-ichi YAMAKI

A laterally malrotated kidney, which is a variation of kidney malrotation, is a rare congenital kidney anomaly. Kidney malrotation is often accompanied by vascular variations such as the renal arteries and veins and common iliac arteries and veins, for surgical procedures. A cadaver with bilateral malrotated kidneys with variations of the common iliac veins was found during a dissection course for students. The right kidney was laterally malrotated and positioned lower than the normal kidney, and the left kidney was ventrally malrotated. The right internal and external iliac veins joined the left common iliac vein separately, forming the inferior vena cava. Such cases are very rare and can provide important information for considering the genesis of kidney.

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