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Functional biocomposites

Nida Fatima

The most essential features of the two polysaccharides are discussed, as well as the reasons for their interest in being combined. We exhibit several composite material structures and shapes that have lately been produced. Aerogels, hydrogels, films, foams, membranes, fibres, and nanofibres are covered, as well as the primary manufacturing processes, such as coextrusion, co-casting, electrospinning, coating, and adsorption. It has been demonstrated that the combination of bacterial cellulose and chitosan has lately attracted increased interest. This is especially appealing because both are examples of a biopolymer that is biodegradable and safe for humans and the environment. Rising living standards and increased environmental consciousness are driving drivers behind the development of these materials.This minireview will give you a detailed view about functional biocomposite.

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