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Mast cells and acupuncture analgesia

Amelia Johnson

Mast cells are widely dispersed throughout the body and serve a crucial role in function in the development of numerous illnesses. Recent research has revealed the intimate connection between mast cells and acupoints, and the function of mast cells in acupuncture analgesia has drawn attention The interest of scientists everywhere. Using the search terms mast cells, acupuncture analgesia, and acupoint in CNKI, PubMed, Web of Science, and other databases, as well as representative publications from these databases and the released research papers from our team, we summarised the findings. Acupoints serve as reaction sites for acupuncture because of the enrichment of mast cells and the close proximity of collagen fibres,
microvessels, and nerves; acupuncture can deform collagen fibres and activate TRPV channels on mast cells' membranes to cause mast cells to release bioactive substances and activate nerve receptors to produce analgesia; and system biology models are developed to explain the quantitative process of induction.

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