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Pollution assessment of Ennore (India) creek using macrobenthos

Usha Natesan, S Kalaivani, G Kalpana

In the present study, the change in benthic community was identified in the coastal stretch from Ennore to Pulicat, total of 6 stations were identified to study benthic community. In order to understand the distribution of the benthic community structure with respect to macro fauna in the Buckingham canal benthic were collected from all the stations during high tide on Spring tide of each month from September 2004 to December 2005 from bed and bank. Higher nutrient concentration during summer coincides with high density of Polycheates and Molluscs and vice versa during monsoon season. Salinity is also an important factor for macro fauna distribution and growth. Salinity is high during pre-monsoon and summer which resulted in high production. From the Abundance and Biomass correlation it is inferred that Station 2 and 4 are grossly polluted. Stations 1, 3 and 5 are moderately polluted and Station 6 is less polluted.

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