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The importance of biopesticides in sustaining global food production

Olivia Russo

The world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. To feed the burgeoning population, we need to produce more food and livelihood opportunities from less per capita arable land and water. The major challenges of sustainable farming are productivity, food quality and diminishing return of agricultural inputs. Biopesticides, being natural products derived from materials such as plants, bacteria, viruses, minerals etc., are considered to be safer for the environment. When used in combination with conventional crop protection measures, biopesticides have been shown to improve pest control efficacy and enhance crop yield. As of early 2013 there were approximately 400 registered biopesticide active ingredients. Biopesticides may be divided into three major categories: microbial, biochemical (or botanical) and plant-incorporated protectants. If transgenic technology is integrated into the traditional system of crop husbandry, it holds great promise in augmenting agricultural production.

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