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The relationship between Asthma and air pollution

Mohammed Dhafer Al Yami, Christy Kane

Asthma is prevalent worldwide. Asthma is a serious disease which threatens many people's lives and prevents them from exercising their daily activities. According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, there were 417,918 deaths due to Asthma at the global level and 24.8 million Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYS) attributable to Asthma in 2016. It was estimated that more than 339 million people had Asthma globally in 2016. Asthma is the most common non-communicable disease among children. Asthma is a public health problem not only for high-income countries; it occurs in all nations regardless of the level of development. Most asthma-related deaths occur in low-income and lower-middle-income countries. Asthma is not diagnosed and should be treated. It creates a significant burden on individuals and families and often restricts individuals' activities for life. It keeps growing because of variety of reasons. One of which is air pollution. There are many types of research done to address the problem, but it is still controversial that air pollution is a leading cause of Asthma. Picking this topic is trying to clear out the relationship between air pollution and developing Asthma through reliable studies conducted in different places around the world. As the relationship between them is questionable, it is important to disclose it to educate the audience about the possible danger of air pollution in developing Asthma since its prevalence continues to increase. Air pollution exists in both developing and non-developing countries.

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