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Toxicity by pesticides

Rodhey Sergio

Human poisoning by pesticides has long been seen as a severe public ill health. As early as 1990, a task force of the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that about a million unintentional pesticides poisonings with severe manifestations occur annually, resulting in approximately 20,000 deaths. Additionally, two million cases were expected to result from intentional self-harm. It had been recognized that individuals within the developing world were particularly plagued by the impact of intoxication and also the number of cases was probably much higher as many cases remain unreported. It is that estimated 25 million cases of occupational acute pesticide poisonings p.a., the majority of which weren’t recorded, as most of the affected didn’t seek medical attention. During the last twenty years, international bodies have haunted the problem and adopted variety of resolutions and programs to deal with the detrimental effects of pesticide use. Despite these efforts, global pesticide use has continued to grow steadily to 4.1 million tons per annum in 2017, a rise of nearly 81% from 1990.

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