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Oleg Halidullin

Every action in nature is associated with others, is a consequence of one and the cause of the other. So in the hydrological cycle - the water cycle. Waters, precipitated for millions of years, in each cycle, dissolve minerals and organic matter in themselves and create a specific solution building material, deliver it to plants and animals. The construction of cells and bodies is accompanied by the ejection, exhalation, transpiration of what was water. The water molecules in the waste have completely different qualities. This is the most important link in the circuit, which involves all the water that falls on land. It is believed that the surface of the world's oceans occupies 70% of the planet, therefore 70% of the water evaporates. According to (1) the leaf surface of plants is huge. The area of all leaves is 3 - 4 times larger than the area of the entire land, that is, in size it is not less than the area of the World Ocean. It follows that the evaporation from land is at least equal to the evaporation from the oceans.

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