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Applications of CBCT in endodontics

Elshan Bargahi

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: performing complex treatments in endo requires a lot of precision in the work and therefore tools and accurate imaging. For this purpose, the aim of this study is to investigate the use of CBCT as a high-precision imaging method in endodontics.

REVIEW METHOD: In this review, searching for articles in reliable electronic sources including Google scholar, Chochrane, Science Citation Index, Medline, Iran Medex and Scopus were done. The searched articles were published during the years 2012-2021 and were collected with the keywords CBCT imaging, Endodontics, Vertical Root Fracture and Peri Apical Lesion.

FINDINGS: In this study, after reviewing the available articles, it was seen that CBCT for detecting periapical lesions and its repair process, morphology The tooth and its complications, such as sub-canal and canal curvature, traumatic injury, internal and external view of the tooth, root resorption defects, fracture lines, perforation, broken appliances, over fillings, calcified canal, root proximity and pre-surgical assessment that conventional radiography cannot. It is used to check them successfully.

CONCLUSION: Since CBCT has high accuracy and sensitivity, if its limitations are removed (especially the high amount required) It can progress to the point where it can be used as the first dental imaging method in some complex cases.

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